Quality Service Standards

pa food management quality service standards

Quality Service Standards

We are committed to providing the highest quality catering and vending services to meet the needs and expectations of our clients and customers..

To ensure that this objective is continually maintained, the company has implemented a quality system that is designed to help all employees achieve the appropriate steps necessary to ensure the highest standard of service.
We provide all our employees with bespoke training, ensuring that all team members understand their responsibilities for the achievement of the company’s quality policy.

Regular audits are carried out by our Management Team. This assures clients and customers of the total implementation of a quality system of the highest standard.

We also believe the effective communication between our management and our client is the key to the success of ensuring a quality system. We therefore submit and discuss monthly quality service review sheets to our clients, which have to be effectively closed-out within given timescales.

We value the comments from our customers and are constantly looking at new service and menu ideas. P&A have devised a feedback card that we have available within our food and beverage services, in order to obtain comments and suggestions from our customers. All suggestions are investigated and customers receive a personal reply to their comment.

” Quality is not an act, it is a habit – Aristotle.