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Choose Healthier Meals

P&A Food Management liven up lunch times for school children with an exciting new concept aimed at helping younger children choose healthier meals.

We are proud to introduce our newest member of the P&A Team, Boris!

Boris is our Primary School Mascot who appeals to the children with his colourful character, vibrancy and zest for healthy meals. He makes the lunch canteen a fun and friendly place where children want to eat healthy and try new flavours.

Boris is an advocate for healthy options and our fresh approach to food means we use only fresh, high quality ingredients to prepare meals. This allows our chefs complete control over the contents of each meal – so we have no problem meeting the guidelines minimising the use of salt, sugar and saturated fats.

To encourage children to try new foods Boris (who is a cultural boffin!) has created his own theme day menus and his fun and tasty meals inspires pupils to taste new flavour sensations which they may not have previously experienced. The new Boris menu is linked to cultural, local and national events.

Here are some examples of the theme menus that Boris and we have got planned for this year:

Themed Menus

World Vegan Month
Shrove Tuesday Menu
Mother's Day Menu
Greek Day Menu
St George's Day Menu
Barbecue Day Menu
American Day Menu
Burger Day
Hot Dog Day
Hallowen Menu
Spanish All Saints Day Menu
Christmas menu

As with all our meals, you can be rest assured our theme day menus are nutritionally analysed, and offer pupils a second course choice, plus a drink and unlimited access to the salad bar:

Standard 3 Week Menu Cycle

Week 1

Boris Menu - Week 1

Week 2

Boris Menu - Week 2

Week 3

Boris Menus - Week 3

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